Renting Overview

Renting is one of three main options we provide. Renting our property allows for more flexibility than ownership, provides fixed costs and is suitable for students, young professionals, people who move around for work or are new to an area.

There are different types of let available suited to a range of needs, including short term let with tenancies of up to six months and long term lets with tenancies of more than six months. Long term lets are ideal for people looking to be based in a particular area for six months plus or wanting to put down roots long term. Most of our properties are long term lets, however, we also provide ‘holiday lets’ which are classified as short term serviced accommodation.


Renting Overview

Renting provides a range of benefits compared to buying, including:

– Fixed Costs –it is much easier to predict your monthly costs.

– A smaller, protected deposit – although needing to pay a deposit to secure a property, it is refundable, providing there is no damage costs or rent arrears incurred at the end of tenancy. Of course, the deposit payable on a rented property is considerably lower than that of a mortgage down payment.

– Deposits – for all Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST) in England and Wales they must be held in a government approved tenancy deposit protection scheme (TDS) so your money is perfectly safe.

– Flexibility – when you rent, you agree to stay in a property for a fixed length, usually 12 months, meaning that you are free to move elsewhere should you desire after this term.

– Security of tenure –As long as you do not breach any of the terms, you will be able to remain in the property until the agreement expires.

– Renting can fit into working lives with people changing job or location more frequently.

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